Global service Italscambi is able to satisfy all market's demands and the specific requirements of each Company.
Special cuts We can offer special cuts produced on customer's specifications.
Special selections  We can grant selection on the weight range or a guarantee on the average weight. We can also test a the good for the analytic point of view or guarantee a selection on the pH.
Packaging Each type of goods can be packaged as request. It is also possible to use personalise label or cartons.
Stockbreeder selection All the suppliers of the cattle slaughtered are checked and are submitted to regular inspection.
Quality and Hygiene All goods we sell are regularly hygienically sanitary tested. All our suppliers are having a quality department and an external quality control.
Delivery planning We are able to deliver the goods in any place and time required. We are constantly following all our trucks by satellite or mobile phone and we follow them from the shipment to the delivery.
Experience and training trained and expert staff knowing all rules in this type of job, is able to give everyone the right assistance in order to avoid problems and to solve any specific problem for quality, documents, approval, etc.
Communication Italscambi is using the most advanced communication technology in order to give to the supplier and customers many information on market prices, hygienically problems in various countries, trend productions, and currencies trend.

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